Center for Innovation in Molecular and Pharmaceutical Sciences (CIMPS)

CIMPS represents the institute’s core research activity. Scientists at CIMPS have diverse technical backgrounds, spanning advanced molecular biology, cell biology, pharmacology, organic and medicinal chemistry, and nanochemistry. Research at CIMPS is supported by external funds such as government grants or industry-sponsored grants, or via internal funds for selected areas. Ph.D. Students and post-doctoral fellows with government fellowships work on government-funded research projects.


Students are the harbingers of scientific research, and DRILS strives to identify, develop and nurture students who have an interest in biology, chemistry and biomedical disciplines. We work to provide students with a learning experience which prepares them to survive and excel in challenging research environments of the future. Our desire is to facilitate the evolution of future generations of scientists with the skills to discover and innovate at the interface of biology and chemistry.

People @ CIMPS