Center for Advancement of Research Skills (CARS)

CARS focuses on training programs to advance the skills and aptitude in basic science and industry-relevant areas, among students, teachers and industry recruits. Creation of a research talent pool for the nation’s emerging scientific and research needs has been a key area of activity at DRILS. Structured into industry-relevant technical skills and academia-relevant basic science skills, CARS conducts training programs for students and industry professionals. In-house scientists and external experts provide the training depending on the requirement of the program. A month-long training program for students and jobseekers on the topics such as Quality Control in the Pharmaceutical Industry, an online workshop for Industry R&D staff on the topic of Organic Chemistry for Engineers, workshops (online mode) for Industry staff on various aspects of Chemical Synthesis including methods and processes, summer internship with online sessions and lab visits for High School students, three, six and a yearlong internships for Graduates and Post-Graduates, training interns short-listed under Research and Innovation Circle of Hyderabad (RICH), a nodal agency for Hyderabad Science & Technology cluster, GOI are few of the many resource/skill development activities undertaken under CARS umbrella.

SAMARDH- Quality Control (QC) in the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • SAMARDH, is a skill development program with hands on training in Quality Control in the Pharmaceutical Industry under the mentorship of the professionals from Dr. Reddy’s.






“Process chemistry workshop” – 6 weeks intensive training program






“FUNDAMENTUM” A Continuous Flow Chemistry Workshop









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People @ CARS

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