Tandrika Chattopadhyay

Assoc Principal Res Scientist, CIMPS

Dr. Tandrika Chattopadhyay
Associate Principal Research Scientist, CIMPS

Dr. Tandrika Chattopadhyay did her Bachelor’s and Master’s from University of Delhi in the field of Bio-Chemistry. Following this, she received her PhD in Molecular Physiology from National Institute of Immunology in 2013. Subsequently, Dr. Tandrika pursued her Post-doctoral work at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai (2015-19) and IISER, Pune (2019-22), eventually joining Center for Innovation in Molecular and Pharmaceutical Sciences (CIMPS), Dr. Reddy’s Institute of Life Sciences, as Associate Principal Research Scientist in May-2022.

Dr. Tandrika’s research interests include understanding the impact of nutrition (both macro- and micro-nutrients) on Hepatic physiology, metabolic inflammation and development of liver pathologies such as fatty liver disease and steatosis. Her research also aims to define cellular mechanisms elucidating the role of Vitamin D in maintaining organismal homeostasis. Her experimental paradigms encompass both cell-based assays and the creation of mouse disease models for pre-clinical research. She uses cellular, molecular, and genetic techniques to investigate signaling and gene expression alterations in the aforementioned disease models. In addition, Dr. Tandrika is also a part of ARUMDA network, which involves esteemed institutes such as TIFR, CMC, NII and IIT as a part of collaborative effort to understand mechanisms of malnutrition in pregnant females and early life development.

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