Center for Process Research and Innovation (CPRI)

The Center for Process Research and Innovation (CPRI) is the Institute’s Chemistry vertical. CPRI is engaged in addressing Industry’s chemical research and innovation needs, with two main thrust areas: Process R&D and Medicinal Chemistry.

Our process research involves the identification of novel synthetic routes with a goal to achieve sustainability through simplicity, with potential for IP generation. Chemical industry needs are met not only by de novo approaches, but also through evolution of synthetic routes through a continuous process of incremental improvement and gradual simplification of the existing chemical processes. In process development, an existing process is optimized to meet specific requirements of industry and the know-how transferred. Research activity in CPRI is supported by Industry.

Our Research

  • Total synthesis, Semi-synthesis, Scalability Optimization and Catalysis, Methodology Development, Solid-supported and Recyclable reagents.
  • Green Chemistry, Reactions in Aqueous media, Solvent-free reactions, Recyclable reagents and Environmentally benign processes.
  • Asymmetric Synthesis, Novel Enantioselective Methods, Chiral Auxiliaries and Induction.
  • Heterocyclic ring constructions, C-C bond coupling and Novel Protecting Groups

People @ CPRI

Deputy Head, Principal Research Scientist