Annual Work Seminar (AWS) Series

AWS series is an initiative by DRILS for fostering the culture of deliberating and acquainting research team on the science that is done at CIMPS, Center for Innovation in Molecular and Pharmaceutical Sciences. It is intended to instill in researchers to articulate their work succinctly and gain confidence in delivering apposite scientific presentations. It’s a scientific forum intended to discuss: one’s research findings, learn and understand others research directions, new ideas and troubleshooting if any.

AWS platform provides opportunity for the researchers to talk about their research work carried over the past year and also the work intended to be done. A short abstract of the presentation (250-300 words) is circulated among the team a week prior to the presentation and the researcher is encouraged to present for 30-45 min. only followed by 15 min of question and answers session. The AWS is scheduled to be held on the second and fourth Monday of every month.

Completed Presentations

S. No.


Principal Investigator




Raghavendra M

Dr. Kiranam C

10th April 2023

A study to characterize the effects of chemical and genetic modulation of tyrosine kinase functions in zebrafish


Kanika C

Dr. Kishore P

24th April 2023

Investigation of regulatory role of Ser/Thr phosphatase PHLPP1 in the mitochondrial homeostasis


Rathin B

Dr. Parimal M

22nd May 2023

Studies on incretin receptor agonism to ameliorate type-2 diabetes and obesity


Rebeccakristina E

Dr. Parimal M

12th June 2023

Characterization of the functional role of PRIP interacting protein with methyl transferase domain (PIMT) in adipogenesis and lipid metabolism


Nagalakshmi C

Dr. Parimal M

26th June 2023

Investigation of the functional role of PRIP interacting protein with methyl transferase domain (PIMT) in macrophages and their interactions with other metabolic tissues


Harshavardhan B

Dr. Manojit Pal

10th July 2023

Design, synthesis and evaluation of 2-aryl quinoline derivatives against 12R-lipoxygenase (12R-LOX): Discovery of first inhibitor of 12R-LOX


Krishnaveni Y

Dr. Kiranam C

21st August 2023

Cellular Effects of ARSK Knockout and Overexpression


Sushmasri N

Dr. Aarti S

28th August 2023

Elucidating the function of Phosphatidylserine decarboxylase (PISD) during early development using zebrafish as model organism


Ritarani V

Dr. Aarti S

11th September 2023

Functional characterization of the kitlg in zebrafish


Sailatha S

Dr. Kishore P

9th October 2023

Elucidation of the physiological role of MAGMAS: Implications in mitochondrial skeletal disorders


Christopher Shamir M

Dr. Kiranam C

16th October 2023

Deciphering the mechanistic role of AIMP2 in hypomyelinating leukodystrophy


Kailash C

Dr. Kishore P

30th October 2023

Functional exploration of EXOC6b protein in ciliogenesis and autophagy


Aishwarya M

Dr. Kishore P

27th November 2023

Understanding the regulatory role of co-activator binding protein PIMT in the pancreatic β-cells of diabetic animals and T3c diabetic (chronic pancreatitis) humans


Sooraj G

Dr. Kishore P

11th December 2023

Functional analysis of PHLPP1 in skeletal myogenesis


Hamsini S

Dr. Aarti S

8th January 2024

Characterization of the effect of mutations in Glucocerebrosidase enzyme on its activity and interaction with co-activator – Saposin C


Roumi N

Dr. Sandipan C

22nd January 2024

Decoding the AAV2 capsid assembly and host receptor recognition mechanism


Venkatesh G

Dr. Neelima D

13th February 2024

Disease modelling using in vitro and in vivo systems


Sruthi P

Dr. Sandipan C

26th February 2024

Contrasting effects of DHA and EPA on POPC-cholesterol lipid bilayer


Sai Aneesh

Dr. Aarti S

08th April 2024

Zebrafish as a model for Methylmalonyl Acedemia: Investigating novel therapeutic approaches


Dr. Kiranam Chatti


22nd April 2024

Zebrafish as a model to study caffeine action, and its relevance to health


Dr. Kishore Parsa


06th May 2024

PHLPP1: A new mediator of endoplasmic reticulum stress


Dr. Marina Rajadurai


27th May 2024

Enhancing cancer therapy: Case study on organ-specific delivery and retention of drug-loaded magnetic nanoparticles


Dr. Aarti Sevilimedu


10th June 2024

Impaired ovarian development in a zebrafish fmr1 knockout mode


Dr. Tandrika Chattopadhyay


24th June 2024

Oscillatory control of Metabolic Homeostasis


Dr. Sandipan


08th July 2024

Riding the SARS-CoV2 waves: Challenges, Excitement and Surprises