• GLP-1 and endosomes

  • PIMT in the liver

  • Bacteria stained with nanoparticles

  • Enantioselective Montelukast Synthesis

  • Ultrasound-assisted synthesis of antiproliferative agents

  • Process-amenable synthesis of an anticoagulant

Innovate in India

Innovate in India

Welcome to the ‘Innovate in India’ portal of Dr. Reddy’s Institute of Life Sciences (DRILS)

At DRILS, we want to look beyond our laboratories and classrooms, and work with people and organizations inclusively. We believe that to truly innovate in India, we have to work together across the divisions we take for granted. We think that great ideas can be born everywhere. Execution of ideas needs specific domain knowledge, technical skills and effective decision making. This portal is our way to reach out and offer our expertise and experience to you.

What is different about us?

We think that our hard-earned experience has taught us how to do science well under sub-optimal conditions. Knowing how to do things well despite limited resources and uncertain workflows can be an advantage! As part of our history and working, we have had to learn the language of industry and academia alike. We have received support from industry, government, and academia. We are grateful for this support and would like to do our part.

Who is this portal for?

In short, anyone who has an idea and needs help. While our expertise is in some specific areas (described on the other pages on our website), we are open to finding ways to work with anyone. You could be a student, a teacher, a scientist, a budding entrepreneur, a technocrat or a manager. You could be in an established scientific organization or industry, or working for yourself.

How can you use this portal?

We welcome you to share your ideas at any stage of development or format. We would be glad to read about your idea, listen to you, talk about how to execute it, to provide guidance and help improve it if needed. Our goal will be to make it viable and ready for a pilot run. If it passes all the ‘tests’, we can help in connecting you to the right funding organization or company. You can find details of the kind of work we do and our areas of expertise on our website and in our research articles.

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