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Center for Process Research and Innovation (CPRI) :

CPRI is the Institute’s Chemistry vertical. The research activity in CPRI is supported by Industry. CPRI has two main thrust areas: Process Research and Process Development.

Process research involves the identification and development of non-infringing routes of synthesis to meet required industry needs leading to intellectual property generation. In process development, an existing process is optimized to meet specific requirements of industry and the know-how transferred.

Examples of the work at CPRI:

  • Total synthesis, Semi-synthesis, Scalability Optimization and Catalysis, Methodology Development, Solid-supported and Recyclable reagents.
  • Green Chemistry, Reactions in Aqueous media, Solvent-free reactions, Recyclable reagents and Environmentally benign processes.
  • Asymmetric Synthesis, Novel Enantioselective Methods, Chiral Auxiliaries and Induction.
  • Heterocyclic ring constructions, C-C bond coupling and Novel Protecting Groups.


Centre of Excellence Tuberculosis Research (CoE-TB) :

CoE TB Research : DRILS has been awarded Center of of Biotechnology. DRILS is the nodal institute Excellence status in TB research. This center is being coordinated by Prof. Sayed Hasnain and has been funded by Department ith other partners as UoH(School of Life Sciences), Mahavir Hospital, CDFD, IIT-Delhi and National Institute of Pathology-New Delhi.

Program has two modules. Module A: Validation of diagnostic and prognostic markers for various kinds of TB and ModuleB: Specific inhibitors of M. tuberculosis as possible therapeutics

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