• GLP-1 and endosomes

  • PIMT in the liver

  • Bacteria stained with nanoparticles

  • Enantioselective Montelukast Synthesis

  • Ultrasound-assisted synthesis of antiproliferative agents

  • Process-amenable synthesis of an anticoagulant


Creation of a research talent pool for the nation's emerging scientific and research needs has been a key area of activity at DRILS. Industry-sponsored programs provide a platform for Masters and Ph.D researchers to align with the research needs of pharma, life sciences, and other chemical sectors whilst resulting in technology improvisation and inventions relevant to industry.

In addition to Ph.D and Post-doctoral research oportunities, DRILS also encourages students from various universities to enhance their experimental skills in interdisciplinary areas of chemistry and biology through short/medium term research training.

As a focused endeavor to enhance research skills and aptitude of both existing and prospective recruits to the Pharma, Chemical, and Life science industry, DRILS has initiated a dedicated Center for Advancement of Research Skills (CARS).

CARS is focused on performing training and skill development activities. The target audience includes students, teachers, industry scientists, and clinicians interested in specific areas and skills in life sciences research.

Depending on the requirements of the course or workshop, the scientists providing the training will be those in the Institute and/or external scientists.

For more information, please contact

Kiranam Chatti
Principal Research Scientist and Head, CARS.
E-Mail: KiranamC@drils.org


Shweta Singh
Scientific Officer
Email: ShwetaS@drils.org

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