• GLP-1 and endosomes

  • PIMT in the liver

  • Bacteria stained with nanoparticles

  • Enantioselective Montelukast Synthesis

  • Ultrasound-assisted synthesis of antiproliferative agents

  • Process-amenable synthesis of an anticoagulant


A Ph.D. program at the Institute accepts students interested in working in any of the research labs. The program features unique cross-disciplinary teaching; biology students undergo chemistry courses and vice-versa. Twenty nine Ph.D. students have received their doctoral degrees since 2010. Ten students are currently enrolled in the Ph.D. program.

A summary of our grant-funded research: more than 270 peer-reviewed manuscripts have been published in internationally indexed journals since 2010, and more than 55 extramural grant-funded projects have been sanctioned since 2009.

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